Uniting for the Renewal of Salisbury: A New Business Alliance Promotes Collaboration and Economic Growth

Downtown Business Alliance of SBY Thriving with Activity

The Salisbury business community has come together to form a new alliance with the goal of revitalizing downtown and promoting economic growth. A ribbon-cutting ceremony took place at the intersection of Main and Division streets to officially launch the alliance. The co-chairs of the alliance emphasized the importance of collaboration in achieving their common goals, which include supporting local businesses and advocating for rental assistance and grant programs from the government.

Nicole Blackwater, one of the co-chairs, spoke about the alliance’s plans to coordinate events and provide support to local businesses. Nicole Rogers also highlighted the benefits of working together with other businesses for the betterment of Salisbury. The first event organized by the alliance is set to take place this Saturday during the Spring Street Market from 12 pm to 5 pm. The Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce will be supporting the alliance as they work towards expanding their reach across Salisbury.

The main focus of this new alliance is to foster collaboration among businesses, create a sense of community within downtown Salisbury, and contribute to its growth and vibrancy. By working together through joint efforts and collective action, they hope to positively impact on the local economy and improve business conditions in the area.

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