Time running out for mental health detention bill in Kentucky as Senate passes legislation.

Kentucky legislature moves forward with plans for mental health juvenile detention facility

As Wednesday marks the 57th day of the 60-day legislative session, time is running out for a bill to become law that would establish a special mental health juvenile detention facility in Kentucky. The sponsor, Sen. Danny Carroll, emphasized the importance of this bill, calling it a critical move. Senate Bill 252 has already passed the Senate and can now go to the full House for consideration.

Under Carroll’s bill, Kentucky would begin operating two female detention centers by Feb. 1, 2026 – one in Central Kentucky and one in the western part of the state. A third facility could be built if the first two reach capacity. Additionally, Kentucky would also build a 16-bed acute mental health facility designed to house juveniles in need of specialized treatment for aggression, violence, or property destruction. The Department of Juvenile Justice would own and staff the facility, with the Cabinet for Health and Family Services partnering to provide appropriate mental health treatment.

While the General Assembly’s two-year budget is not yet final, the Senate budget included funding for each of the female-only facilities and the mental health facility. Senator Carroll had requested more funding for the mental health facility, but the final budget allocation remains uncertain. Carroll stressed

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