Revolutionizing Milk Production: The Benefits of Batch Milking with DeLaval’s VMS Solutions Technology

Part 2: Precision Milking Technology is Now Online

In the second installment of our series on DeLaval’s new robotic VMS Solutions Technology, we take a closer look at batch milking. This innovative approach involves using robots to milk cows instead of traditional parlor settings. The VMS Solutions Manager, Jason French, describes the process as a modernized parlor for milking operations.

French highlights the numerous benefits of batch milking, which allows farmers to maintain a consistent schedule while utilizing robots to milk cows with precision. Unlike human milkers, robots can provide a stable milking process for each cow, regardless of the availability of workers. The introduction of a custom gate system guides cows to the robots, creating a more relaxed environment in the holding area. Cows can move freely from robot to robot without feeling confined or stressed like in traditional parlor or rotary systems where cows are typically herded together and moved simultaneously.

French emphasizes that this new system provides numerous advantages for both farmers and cows, promoting efficiency and comfort in the milking process. By providing an automated solution that maintains consistency and accuracy in milk production, batch milking is revolutionizing dairy farming and improving productivity while reducing labor costs.

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