Record-Breaking Viewership and Stellar Performance at the Elite Eight: The Women’s NCAA Tournament Prepares for the Final Four

ESPN’s broadcast of the Elite Eight matchup between Iowa and LSU breaks records for March Madness ratings.

The Women’s NCAA tournament is down to its final four teams: South Carolina, Iowa, UConn, and NC State. Journalist Tony Anderson takes a closer look at the major storylines surrounding the tournament.

In what was a highly anticipated Elite Eight matchup between Iowa and LSU, 12.3 million viewers tuned in to watch. This made it the most-viewed women’s college basketball game on record and the most-watched college basketball game ever on ESPN platforms. It was a close game as well, with Iowa emerging victorious over LSU with a score of 94-87.

Last year, LSU defeated the Hawkeyes with a score of 102-85, setting the previous record for viewership with an average of 9.9 million and peaking at 12.6 million. This year’s game peaked at 16.1 million viewers, marking the second-highest audience for any basketball game on ESPN since 2012. The Elite Eight games this year were overall the most-watched on record, drawing impressive viewership numbers from across the country.

Iowa’s Caitlin Clark had a standout performance in the Elite Eight game, scoring 41 points with 12 assists and seven rebounds. She was named the Albany 2 Regional Most Outstanding Player and set records for career

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