Prominent Critic Ben Gabir Disapproves of Biden’s Efforts to Pressure Israel

Itamar Ben Gvir challenges Biden, accusing him of supporting Yahya Sinwar’s stance

Mr. Ben Gabir, a prominent critic of President Biden, has expressed his disapproval of the president’s efforts to pressure Israel. He believes that President Biden’s attempts to impose restrictions on Israel and focus on the rights of individuals with malicious intentions towards Israel are misguided and potentially harmful.

Gabir emphasized that many of these individuals are terrorists who aim to destroy Israel, and that prioritizing their security and safety is crucial for the country’s well-being. He stressed the importance of strong and unwavering support for Israel in the face of external threats and challenges.

In his statement, Gabir conveyed his belief that President Biden’s approach towards Israel is misguided, and that it could lead to serious consequences for the country. He urged President Biden to reconsider his actions and take a more balanced approach that considers both sides’ concerns while prioritizing Israel’s security above all else.

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