Privacy Concerns as Telegram Launches P2PL Program for Free Premium Subscription

Telegram provides complimentary premium subscriptions in exchange for utilizing users’ mobile phones to transmit verification SMS.

Telegram has unveiled a new program that offers users a free premium subscription in exchange for allowing their phone number to be used to send up to 150 one-time password authentication SMS messages to other users. This initiative raises concerns about the privacy of users who choose to participate in this program.

The premium subscription option on Telegram costs 5.49 euros per month and offers additional features such as the ability to upload larger files, download media content at a faster speed, convert voice messages to text, and send exclusive stickers. To access these premium services for free, users can now join the P2PL program by using their phone number to send OTP SMS messages.

This program, called peer-to-peer login (P2PL), allows users to voluntarily offer their phone number to be used as a relay for OTP SMS messages. Users who participate in this program agree to allow their phone number to be used to send a maximum of 150 OTP SMS messages per month. Upon successfully meeting this quota, users will receive a free monthly premium subscription.

However, users should be aware that the SMS messages sent through the P2PL program may incur charges from their mobile phone operators. Additionally, sharing phone numbers with other users for login code purposes can present privacy risks, as the recipient of the OTP SMS may have access to the sender’s phone number.

Telegram emphasizes that users who participate in the P2PL program need to consider and take precautions against potential risks, as the company is not responsible for any inconvenience, harassment, or damage that may result from sharing phone numbers. Users can withdraw from the program at any time if they wish to discontinue participating in it.

The P2PL program raises concerns about privacy because it requires users to share their phone numbers with other individuals who may use them for malicious purposes such as spamming or identity theft. Additionally, some mobile carriers charge extra fees for sending and receiving text messages from third-party applications like Telegram’s P2PL feature.

Therefore, it is crucial for Telegram and its users

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