Patient Care Technicians Certified by National Healthcareer Association at Columbiana County Career and Technical Center”.

CCCTC Health Academy Program announces new certifications offered

The Patient Care Technicians program at Columbiana County Career and Technical Center has recently certified a group of healthcare professionals through the National Healthcareer Association. These individuals play a crucial role in healthcare by providing direct patient care under the supervision of medical professionals. Tasks such as monitoring vital signs, assisting with daily activities, and offering compassionate support to patients and their families are just some of the responsibilities that come with this job.

A group of 15 students, including Lexi Kelly, Kyrstin Reckner, Emma Julian, Abbie Passmore, Peyton Swanson, Alee Keyes, Megan Moore, Kamryn Martin, Alissa Frantz, Ariana Gonzalez, Cheyenne Schwartz, and Marah Morris have earned this certification. This achievement opens up opportunities for them in the workforce or in furthering their education.

Pam Dawson, RN and Health Academy Instructor at Columbiana County Career and Technical Center commended the students on their achievements and highlighted the competitive advantage that this certification gives them in their future endeavors. Whether they choose to enter the workforce or pursue higher education, this certification sets them up for success in the healthcare field.

The impact these students will make in the future is something to look forward to as they have already demonstrated their proficiency in essential healthcare tasks. The Health Academy program at Columbiana County Career and Technical Center continues to prepare students for successful careers in the healthcare industry.

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