NFL Bans Swivel Hip-Drop Tackle After Owners Meeting Vote

NFL prohibits hip-drop tackle despite NFLPA’s protests

The NFL has officially banned the swivel version of the hip-drop tackle after a vote at the spring owner’s meetings in Orlando, Florida. A source confirmed the news to Yahoo Sports shortly before the announcement. Momentum has been building for months to ban the hip-drop tackle, with league competition committee executive vice president Jeff Miller stating that it results in about a 25 times higher rate of injury compared to a typical tackle.

There has been some scrutiny over what exactly constitutes a hip-drop tackle, but competition committee chairman Rich McKay played a video compilation of examples during media availability. The ban is specifically for the “swivel” version of the hip-drop tackle, not all versions, which may be difficult for officials to consistently enforce.

Prominent incidents like Patrick Mahomes’ injury against the Jaguars and the tackle that injured Mark Andrews have prompted discussions around the hip-drop tackle. The NFL plans to train officials to enforce the new rule by looking for three specific elements, including grabbing the opponent, swiveling them, and unweighting them.

The NFLPA released a statement ahead of the owners meetings against the proposal of banning

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