Meadow Montessori School: Celebrating Science, Critical Thinking and Creativity through Annual Science Fair

Exploring Fish, Chicks, and Wind Turbines at Meadow’s Science Fair

In 2024, seventeen Meadow Montessori School students took part in the school’s annual Science Fair and were rewarded with ribbons for their projects. This tradition has been going on since 1986 and is unique in the county, as Meadow Montessori is the only school to host a school-wide science fair. Students from kindergarten to eighth grade participate in the event, showcasing their scientific knowledge and creativity.

Each student presents their project to their class before displaying it for the entire school. The judges for this year’s science fair were Sarah Howard, Cale Piedmonte-Lang, Stephanie Slat, and Frank Tryrbon. They evaluated each project based on its scientific method, critical thinking, creativity, and presentation skills.

Meg Fedorowicz, the Science Fair coordinator at Meadow Montessori School, emphasized the importance of this event as a celebration of learning. She highlighted how the scientific method is an essential tool for critical thinking that is taught at the school. She also commended students and teachers for their dedication towards making this event a success.

The diverse range of topics presented by students was evident in their projects. Kindergartners studied the life cycle of a fish while seventh and eighth graders compared foundation and skin tone. Each project showcased the effort put into it by both students and teachers at Meadow Montessori School. The success of this Science Fair highlights the importance of education in promoting critical thinking skills among young minds.

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