Lions’ Top Priority: Securing New Contracts for Goff and St. Brown

Lions focusing on extensions for Jared Goff and Amon-Ra St. Brown

The Lions’ quarterback Jared Goff and wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown have formed a strong bond over the past three seasons, and as they enter their contract years, the team is eager to keep them for the foreseeable future. Head coach Dan Campbell has made it clear that securing new deals for Goff and St. Brown is a top priority for the team.

Campbell revealed during a press conference that negotiations with both players and their representatives are already underway. The Lions have taken proactive steps by meeting with St. Brown’s team at the Scouting Combine to kickstart talks. Goff, on the other hand, has expressed his desire to remain in Detroit long-term, aligning with the team’s goals of securing their key players for the upcoming season and beyond.

With ongoing conversations and mutual interest from both sides, it appears that contract extensions for Goff and St. Brown are well within reach. The team is optimistic about reaching favorable agreements to solidify the future of their dynamic quarterback-wide receiver duo.

In recent years, Goff and St. Brown have become one of the most formidable quarterback-wide receiver pairs in the league, with Goff throwing 28 touchdown passes last season alone while St. Brown caught 56 passes for 912 yards and eight touchdowns.

As they approach free agency, both players are highly sought after by teams across the league, but it seems that they are content to stay in Detroit if new contracts can be worked out.

The Lions will need to make some tough decisions when it comes to their roster this offseason, but keeping Goff and St. Brown on board should be a top priority if they want to continue building a winning team around these two talented young players.

Given their success together over the past three seasons, it makes sense that the Lions would want to keep them on board for as long as possible. With new deals in place, they can focus on continuing to develop their chemistry and take their game to even greater heights in 2021 and beyond.

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