Judge Issues Gag Order for Trump in Manhattan Criminal Hush-Money Trial: How the Courts are Preventing Interference and Holding Trump Accountable

Former Prosecutor Commends New York Judge’s Strict Enforcement of Gag Order Against Trump

In New York, Judge Juan Merchan recently issued a gag order for former President Donald Trump as he prepares for his Manhattan criminal hush-money trial next month. The judge granted a motion from Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg to prevent Trump from making public statements about jurors and potential witnesses involved in the investigation. This is not the first time that Trump has been subject to a gag order in New York, as a previous judge imposed a similar order during his civil fraud trial after he made negative comments about the judge’s principal clerk. Despite this, the D.A.’s motion for the gag order was filed weeks before Trump’s online remarks, which took place on the same day.

Trump is barred from speaking about anyone on the D.A.’s staff except for Bragg, court staff, and family members of any staff or counsel if such statements are intended to interfere with the case. Merchan highlighted Trump’s prior threatening and inflammatory remarks cited by the D.A., noting that they could disrupt court proceedings. The recent gag order was issued on the same day that Trump criticized the judge and his daughter on Truth Social, a social media platform.

Observers, including former U.S. Attorney Harry Litman, noted Judge Merchan’s seriousness in handling the upcoming trial. Litman mentioned that Merchan reprimanded Trump’s legal team for allegations of prosecutorial misconduct and set the trial date for April 15. Litman also noted that Merchan imposed a significant gag order on Trump and readiness to enforce it if Trump violates it especially after jury is selected.

The voter deception trial involving former President Donald Trump will be closely watched by many as it will test whether he can be held accountable for his actions while in office.

In conclusion, Judge Juan Merchan has taken steps to ensure that there is no interference with justice in Donald Trump’s upcoming criminal hush-money trial in Manhattan next month by issuing a gag order preventing him from making public statements about jurors and potential witnesses involved in

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