Hyundai Motor Company: Revolutionizing Mobility Solutions with Smart Technology and Sustainability

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In 1967, Hyundai Motor Company was founded and has since expanded its global presence to over 200 countries. With a workforce of more than 120,000 employees, the company is dedicated to addressing real-world mobility challenges worldwide.

Hyundai’s brand vision is ‘Progress for Humanity,’ and the company is on a mission to become a Smart Mobility Solution Provider. To achieve this goal, Hyundai is investing in cutting-edge technologies such as robotics and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM). The company aims to revolutionize mobility solutions and foster open innovation for future services.

In addition to its focus on smart mobility, Hyundai is also committed to creating a sustainable future. The company is continuously working towards providing innovative solutions for a greener world by introducing zero-emission vehicles that utilize industry-leading hydrogen fuel cell and electric vehicle (EV) technologies.

To learn more about Hyundai Motor Company and its products, visit their website at or check out their media hub for the latest news and updates.

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