House Rep. Jamie Raskin Condemns Tragic Loss of Aid Workers in Gaza, Urges for Peace and Stability in the Region

The statement Rep. Raskin issued following the deaths of World Central Kitchen aid workers in Gaza | Press Releases

Rep. Jamie Raskin released a statement expressing condolences for aid workers from World Central Kitchen who were killed in Gaza. The tragedy highlights the risks faced by humanitarian workers in conflict zones, and underscores the urgent need for peace and stability in the region to prevent further loss of life.

Raskin praised the courage and dedication of these workers who risk their lives to bring aid to those in need. The work of organizations like World Central Kitchen is essential in providing assistance to vulnerable populations affected by conflict and disaster, and Raskin expressed solidarity with the aid workers and their families, acknowledging the sacrifices they make in their commitment to helping others.

As the situation continues to unfold, Raskin remains committed to advocating for peace and justice in the region. He urged leaders to prioritize the protection of aid workers and civilians and to work towards a lasting solution to the conflict, emphasizing the importance of upholding humanitarian principles.

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