From Healthcare Watchdog to Money Tracker: Karl Stark’s Webinar on Financial Reporting in Healthcare

Tracking the Money Trail: Maximizing Your Finances with | Webinar

Karl Stark, Director of Content Strategy & Editor in Residence at the Leonard Davis Institute of Health Economics at the University of Pennsylvania, is a longtime member of AHCJ. He has focused on encouraging LDI Fellows to write for the public and has used his extensive experience as a journalist to help lead to indictments of top executives in the bankrupt Allegheny health system.

Stark’s reporting has also helped him serve as President of the Association of Health Care Journalists, where he led as the nation’s leading group of health reporters and editors. He is a co-author of AHCJ’s “Covering the Quality of Health Care – A Resource Guide for Journalists” and leads a session on covering hospital finances at AHCJ’s annual meeting.

In this upcoming webinar, Stark will be sharing his expertise on using AHCJ’s site and other tools to report stories about hospitals’ financial health. This is the first in a four-part series titled “Follow the Money,” produced by AHCJ and Investigative Reporters and Editors that aims to equip journalists with unique insights into big business healthcare. The webinar series is free for all journalists thanks to generous support from NIHCM Foundation.

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