Finland Urges EU Commission to Proceed with Nuclear Power in Quest for 90% Emission Reduction Target

EU Climate Goal for 2040: Kai Mykkänen Warns of Challenges Ahead

Finland has expressed its support for the EU Commission’s proposed net emission reduction target of 90% for the Union’s 2040 climate goal, with certain reservations. While Finland is in favor of this ambitious target, they have made it clear that key instruments used to achieve it must meet their minimum requirements. This includes proceeding technology-neutrally and accepting nuclear power as well as creating effective incentives for technical carbon sequestration at the EU level.

During the EU’s Environmental Council meeting in Brussels, Finland emphasized the importance of cost-effective emission reductions and taking into account uncertainties in the land use sector when implementing future legislation. Many EU member states are still formulating their positions on this target, making it a starting point for a long process of negotiations.

Finland recognizes that transitioning industries to green technologies is crucial for achieving emission reductions. This includes transitioning steel factories and refineries away from fossil fuels, which may depend on how pure hydrogen is defined. Additionally, the recovery of carbon dioxide in forest industry units is a significant issue as technical sinks play a vital role in achieving net reduction increases in carbon dioxide emissions. Finland views these technical sinks as essential especially if they aim to increase net reduction by more than five million tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

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