Exploring the Science of Dry Ice: From Big Bubbles to Candles and Beyond

Sarah’s Science Experiments with Dry Ice

Watch Sarah’s Science Experiment at Helotes Elementary School! Hello everyone! As a journalist, I recommend you to check out the weekly science show hosted by Meteorologist Sarah Spivey on GMSA@9. The program, called “Science with Sarah,” is in partnership with the San Antonio Zoo and is sure to be both entertaining and educational.

Sarah Spivey will take you through various experiments every week, explaining the science behind them. If you’re interested in conducting these experiments yourself, here’s what you’ll need:

* Dry ice (remember to use gloves when handling it)

* DRY ICE BIG BUBBLE: large bowl, dish soap/water mixture, water, shoe lace or strip of cloth

* EXTINGUISHING CANDLE: Tea light, match, Tupperware or small bowl

* DRY ICE “INSTRUMENT”: Cups/containers of different sizes/shapes, water, soap


Now let’s dive into the experiments! Here are the steps for each one:

DRY ICE BIG BUBBLE: Fill a large bowl with water and drop a little dry ice in it. Dip a shoe lace or strip of cloth in a soapy solution and drag it across the bowl. Seal the bowl with soapy water to create a big bubble filled with vapor from the dry ice.

EXTINGUISHING CANDLE: Place a tea light inside of a Tupperware and light the candle. Place some dry ice around the candle and watch as it slowly extinguishes.

DRY ICE “INSTRUMENT”: Place a small piece of dry ice on the table in front of you. Using a spoon press on the dry ice until it makes a silly sound like popcorn popping.

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