Empowering the Future: Croatia’s Focus on Financial Literacy during World Money Week

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In Croatia, the celebration of World Money Week will take place from March 18th to 24th this year. The Croatian Association of Banks (HUB) has planned a rich program and workshops that will extend beyond the week, with a focus on enhancing financial literacy among young people. In collaboration with the European Investment Bank (EIB), HUB is launching an education program called “Finance for New Generations,” aimed at young entrepreneurs, teachers, and high school students.

The program for students and teachers will reach approximately 500 professors and 17,000 students over two years. A digital manual called “My Money, My Job, My Future” will be used to educate participants. Workshops and educational content will be led by Štedopis, with Marina Ralašić at the helm. These initiatives emphasize the importance of cultivating a healthy money mindset from an early age.

Štedopis is an organization established in 2015 that teaches young people about money management and entrepreneurship. They have developed various publications, conducted research, and executed projects to enhance financial literacy among children and youth. Currently, they are working on new content for secondary schools, consisting of a textbook for students and a manual for teachers called “My Money, My Job, My Future.” The online textbook covers essential topics like personal finance, economics, career development, and sustainable consumption. Additionally, Štedopis plans to organize workshops and competitions to engage high school students and teachers in promoting financial awareness.

These programs play a crucial role in educating young people about responsible money management and savings. Given the changing financial habits among teenagers today, these initiatives highlight the importance of teaching young people about money management from an early age to prepare them for a financially secure future.

In conclusion, World Money Week is an excellent opportunity to raise awareness about financial literacy among young people in Croatia. The programs organized by HUB in collaboration with EIB are unique in their approach towards empowering young entrepreneurs who are just starting their careers while also promoting financial awareness among students and teachers through workshops led by Štedopis under Marina Ralašić’s leadership.

The digital manual “My Money, My Job, My Future” will provide participants with essential knowledge and tools for success in both personal finance management and entrepreneurship. Moreover

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