Empowering the Community: San Luis Obispo County Releases New Community Health Improvement Plan with a Focus on Mental Health and Substance Use, Healthy Neighborhoods, and Access to Care.

New Community Health Improvement Plan revealed by San Luis Obispo County Health Department

In San Luis Obispo County, the Public Health Department and its community partners have released a new Community Health Improvement Plan. This year’s plan focuses on three specific priorities: mental health and substance use, healthy neighborhoods, and access to care. Dr. Penny Borenstein, the SLO County Public Health Officer, emphasized the importance of families recognizing mental health issues in their children and taking steps to prevent substance abuse at home.

The Community Health Improvement Plan for San Luis Obispo County is tailored to address the unique needs and strengths of the community. Developed based on data from a community health assessment involving nearly 4,000 respondents in the county, the plan was created by SLO Health Counts, a collaboration of community members, nonprofits, and government agencies. Adyan Nazmi, a participant in SLO Health Counts and a professor at Cal Poly, believes that health is fundamental and wants to leverage the plan to empower students to contribute to the community’s health priorities.

Dr. Borenstein hopes for accountability and community engagement in the implementation of the plan, emphasizing the importance of ongoing conversations with community members about how to achieve health improvements collectively. The Community Health Improvement Plan serves as a strategic guide for the Public Health Department and its partners to work towards building a healthier county.

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