7 Workers Killed in Tragic Airstrike While Providing Aid to Gaza: The Unwavering Commitment of World Central Kitchen

World Central Kitchen reveals identities of staff members who died in Gaza

The tragic loss of seven employees at World Central Kitchen (WCK) has left the organization in mourning. On Monday, Israeli airstrikes killed Saifeddin Issam Aydan Abutaha, Lalzawami Frankcom, Damian Soból, Jacob Flickinger, John Chapman, James Henderson, and James Kirby while they were returning from a full day’s mission in a deconflicted zone in central Gaza. These workers had just delivered more than 100 tons of food to a warehouse in Gaza before the incident occurred.

The WCK relief and security teams had been working tirelessly to provide aid to the people of Gaza, and their sacrifice will always be remembered by the organization. CEO Erin Gore expressed her sadness by calling them the heroes of WCK and stating that their memories will forever be cherished by the organization.

WCK, founded by celebrity chef José Andrés, has been active in providing food to over 1 million people in Gaza for years. The Israeli Prime Minister acknowledged the incident as a tragic event and an unintended strike that happened in the midst of war. Andrés called on the Israeli government to stop the indiscriminate killing of innocent lives and prevent any further tragedies. The organization recently sent two ships carrying tons of food to Gaza as a part of their ongoing efforts to provide aid to the region.

Despite this tragic event, World Central Kitchen remains committed to its mission of providing food and support to those in need around the world. Their work continues to make a difference for millions of people who rely on their assistance during times of crisis and conflict.

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